Fabtrans offers a wide variety of services many of which are able to be specialized to meet your needs. If there are any questions or inquiries about the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us at our contact page.

Fashion Transportation 

Fabtrans Transportation specializes in Garments on Hangers (GOH) transportation. Fabtrans specializes in working with the fashion industry to deliver garments on hangers, cartons and totes to distribution centers and retail locations.


Fabtrans has optimized our service by catering to any specialty needs that our customers may require of us. Our services have become diversified and allowed us to take on greater jobs than the standard shipping company.

Some of our services we have used often in the past includes:

  • Scheduled dock sweeping
    • On a regular schedule a Fabtrans truck will arrive at your location and take any ready shipments away and take them to the store locations as per customer specifications.
  • Storage
    • Fabtrans is enabled to take on small amount of storage solutions and are set to pickup and deliver shipments at any time the customer is ready.
  • Other Solutions
    • Fabtrans has taken on a wide variety of tasks in the past many of which have contributed to creating our well rounded team who are prepared to take on the next challenge.
    • Fabtrans holds a big emphasis on safety and security through all aspects of our business, each of our vehicles are equipped with shipping pads, a variety of straps, bars and bungees, as well as moving equipment such as pallet trucks and dollies.
    • Some of the tasks we have under gone includes: removing refrigeration units, Library systems, lighting fixtures, Smart cars, and a wide variety of trade shows which includes assembly, dis-assembly, and cleanup.

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Fabtrans through its many tasks has become enabled to deliver and set up a variety of displays, trade show booths, and store fixtures. This all around service provides our customers with an opportunity to ensure that both their delivery and set up are being completed thoroughly and reliably, with one transparent and customer oriented relationship.

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